Friday, April 01, 2016

Art in the Style of Terence Clarke!

Terence Clarke is another contemporary UK artist who uses bold colors and and form without a lot of focus on accurate or literal reproduction of the world. He is concerned more with color relationships and light. His paintings are painterly and poetic and have a spontaneous feel to them. Perspective is skewed or nonexistent, which is purposeful and fun.

We created our own floral still life acrylic paintings in Clarke's style, focusing on bold colors and having fun! I displayed a wide variety of vases and silk flowers, which were used for inspiration. We used 11 x 14" canvas panels for this piece. 

Using our vine charcoal, we sketched in a square or a round table, without a thought about perspective. We added a cloth, and on top of that a vase full of flowers. We filled the background with patterns or additional props (window, a chair, whatever) and then we filled our palettes with color and just painted away! 

The nice thing about acrylic paint is it dries quickly, and if you make a mistake you can either wipe it away (if you do it quickly) or paint over it after it dries. We made sure to add tints and shades using broad, rich brush strokes, to indicate highlights and shadows.

Aren't these beautiful? 

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