Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Beautiful Cats!

This past week our Friday afternoon art classes painted Laurel Burch - style cats. I've always enjoyed her boldly patterned, brightly colored "festive felines." It turns out she paints other subjects too, like horses, dogs, fish, flowers, seahorses, butterflies, and birds! You can see some of her work here

Since we decided this was CAT week at the art center, this was a great project for our Friday kids!

The cats were first lightly drawn in pencil, with a few basic follow along instructions. Then it was painted with liquid watercolors. 

After the paint was dry (we used our handy blow dryer) the cat was outlined once again with a Sharpie and details were added. The kids LOVED how the details brought out the cat's personality and colors! 

Finally, the background was added in one of two ways. Either it was painted in and decorated with sharpies, or the cat was cut out and glued to a piece of brightly colored cardstock, and then embellishments were added to the background. 

Either way, the finished cats are amazing, don't you think?

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