Saturday, May 12, 2018

Swimmy Fish!

This week our Little Artists created these amazing, Swimmy Fish, which are 3-dimensional, movable, and exciting!   

Our little artists first traced a large heavy paper plate with crayon to create their fish bowls. Then they added things like rocks, water plants, bubbles, and a water line, and painted it all with very thinned blue liquid watercolor to create a lovely watercolor wax resist - which always amazes!

Then they drew and designed their own unique fish shapes, added a little crayon color and watercolored them as desired. 

Finally, everything was cut out, and the fish were glued to the bowl with two strips of paper folded accordion-style.

The fish could now swim back and forth in its bowl like magic!

(The kids also decided they needed to make a box of fish food for their little fishies.)

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