Friday, May 25, 2018

We Love Candy!

On our last Friday art class of the school year, our charter kids created some sweet pop art (think Andy Warhol or Peter Blake). 

Our subject was CANDY, which was also their reward after their candy art was completed - yummy!

First, the artists arranged their favorite candy on a paper 'stage' and observed it carefully. It was okay to open the candy and poke it out of the wrapper, or to draw the candy without the wrapper. 

Each artist pretended to be a bug, looking at those HUGE pieces of candy. Our goal was to draw the candy much LARGER than life size; to fill the paper, even taking it past the paper's edges. 

For some, this was not an easy task. 

Once the basic shapes were drawn on the paper, they filled them in with tempera paint. We used cake temperas because they can be thinned with water to resemble watercolor for things like Gummy Worms, or we can create thicker, more vivid colors for bright candy wrappers.

We used liquid burnt sienna, blue, and white to create creamy brown chocolate colors. Then we painted the background using a solid color.

When all of the paint was dry, we added details using Sharpies. This included the zigzags around the edges of the peanut butter cups and outlines around the lettering. The kids enjoyed filling in the Hershey's Kisses and Hershey's lettering with silver metallic Sharpies.

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