Friday, May 18, 2018

Designer Feathers!

We just designed and created feathers. 

Very LARGE feathers! 

We drew them lightly with pencil, divided each into sections, and painted using just four colors. 

Then we painted in additional details and interesting patterns and so forth. We also used a variety of interesting objects to stamp on shapes and our trusty stylus collection for dots.

We then dried them, cut them out, and cut little V's from the edges to give them a 'feathery look. 

Then we added some matching fuzzy feathers to the bottoms for a realistic touch, and attached our amazing feathers to a piece of black poster board using three little pieces of two-sided tape. Our finished feathers are 9" by 22."

We LOVE how they turned out!

Our thanks to Small Hands Big Art for this
great project idea!

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